Besties - Daisy Chain - Clover - PWTP220.Clover

Besties - Daisy Chain - Clover - PWTP220.Clover


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Tula Pink Besties: At its core, Besties is a tribute to unconditional love. It represents both the love we give to the beautiful creatures that depend on us and the unmeasurable love and comfort they give us in return. I have always said that I would never design a collection based on pets because it would be too difficult to capture the relationship that we build with our closest companions. I finally decided to take on the challenge. The collection represents many more companions than dogs and cats! I couldn't leave out the other animals that we bring into our homes and make a part of our family. In addition to our beloved dogs and cats in Besties, you will also find goldfish, bunnies, turtles, and hamsters.

Shipping in October '23

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