Horn of America Model 3240 Quilting Cabinet
Horn of America Model 3240 Quilting Cabinet
Horn of America Model 3240 Quilting Cabinet

Horn of America Model 3240 Quilting Cabinet



The melamine mar-resistant surface is all in white. It features a drop-leaf all along the back of the cabinet with one drawer on the left giving you room for those larger projects.


  • 25"x13" machine cutout for medium-sized machines
  • Heavy-Duty airlift with lock rated to hole up to 40 lbs.
  • Open front for easy bobbin and knee lever access
  • One shallow drawer on nylon rollers
  • Hinged drop leaf with support and locking casters
  • Storage area on the right side for the insert and filler panel
  • Locking support for the mounting platform in the free arm position
  • Completely assembled, just install the casters


The corners and edges of the 3240 cabinet are smooth and rounded keeping you safe.

You have the option of adding the 01 Caddie that tucks in perfectly under the left side.

Be sure to measure your sewing machine with all attachments removed. For the best fit, allow 2 extra inches around your machine for the insert to fit well. The extra 2" also allows room for your machine to raise and lower freely with the sewing machine cords.

The sewing machine opening is 25x13 inches.

AIRLIFT: The heavy-duty airlift gives you the three positions needed for your sewing.

  1. Tabletop sewing for using the free-arm of your sewing machine. This is where you would use an embroidery machine too.
  2. The middle position is the flatbed sewing option, with the machine being flush with the sewing cabinet top. We really encourage you to purchase a custom-made acrylic insert to fit around your particular sewing machine model, giving you a smooth surface around your sewing machine and the cabinet cutout.
  3. The third position places your sewing machine in the storage area under your sewing cabinet top. With your sewing machine in the lowest position, you can close up the sewing cabinet.


    Available Finishes

    Select your finish in the dropdown menu.

    1. How much space do you have?



    2. What size machine do you have?

    31” CUT OUT

    25” CUT OUT

    3. Do you want a cabinet that closes?

    4. Do you need to accommodate more than one machine?

    5. Do you want storage with your cabinet?

    6. Do you work on large projects like quilts?

    7. What finish do you need?

    Finishes show below available for most models.

    8. Do you need a cutting and work surface?