SnapSetter Size 15- 31215- Snap Source

SnapSetter Size 15- 31215- Snap Source


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What’s our secret to a secure snap attachment?
It ’s the SnapSetter!

Designed by Jeanine Twigg, a sewing consumer and founder of The Snap Source®, the patented SnapSetter Snap Attaching Tool offers an easy, affordable way to set snaps on projects.

The SnapSetter has a sturdy, lightweight plastic design, which protects the Snap Top and “snaps” fasteners into place with the aid of a household hammer. Simple, step-by-step instructions are included with every purchase. Our Size 16 SnapSetter offers the most versatile snap attaching possibilities. Our Size 16, 18, 20 and 24 Snaps all use the same size Socket, Stud and Backing Ring. Therefore, to set a larger Snap Top, all you need is the appropriately sized Tool Adapter Base. Simply use the SnapSetter Top and Middle Positioning Bar with the corresponding Tool Adapter Base to set the larger snap top. 

How does the SnapSetter work?
Simply position the snap parts with fabric in-between the layers of the SnapSetter and hammer into place.

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