TrueGrips Grippers for Ruler - TrueCut

TrueGrips Grippers for Ruler - TrueCut


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TrueGrips prevent your ruler from slipping or sliding on any surface! No more worrying about slipping while making straight cuts! Simply place TrueGrips on the back of any ruler, even other brand rulers, to keep them from slipping. The thin profile of TrueGrips was designed not to get in the way or your cutting, keeping you ruler close to your fabric. TrueGrips are transparent, letting you easily see your fabric. The soft material of TrueGrips is also designed not to damage or scratch your fabric or cutting mats.

TrueGrips are non–slip adhesive rings for rulers that provide easy, safe, and accurate cutting experience by eliminating slip- ups
  • Safeguards against slipping
  • Transparent for easy fabric visibility
  • Safe for fabric and mats
  • Works on any ruler
  • Provides a non-skid surface to any ruler
  • Contains 15 large and small grips per pack

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